Prayer Request 07/29/2014

Please keep Wayne Adcock and his family in your prayers. They will be moving Wayne to hospice care soon.

Continue to keep Debbie Stevers’ family in your prayers as she cares for her brother Ronnie who is in hospice care in Denver, CO.

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Life Line Screening

I just received news from LifeLine Screening that there are 41 persons signed up for screenings on August 9th at the church. They are very pleased with the turn out. Again, if you wish to be screened and do not have the funds, please contact me for a scholarship to do so. You can find all the info to schedule an appointment at: just clink on the link and all Life Line’s contact info is there.

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Prayer Request 07/20/2014

Please keep Ronnie Eubanks, Debbie Stevers’ brother, in your prayers. He has been placed in hospice care in Denver. Debbie is on here way now to Denver.

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Request for help in Nursery

Rachel asked I send this out to everyone.

People needed to help with Nursery. We need as much help as possible to take care of our young ones. You do not have to have a child or grandchild in the nursery to help out. Hopefully, we can get enough volunteers to only rotate everyone once every other month. Please let me know by Friday (August 1st) if you are willing to help. Thank you for your help!


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Easton is Here!

Baby Easton is here! He weighs 7.3 lbs. Congratulations to D.J Angela, Avery and the entire Smith and Beasley families!

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Prayer Request 07/21/2014

Remember to pray for Angela, D. J. , Avery as today is the day baby Easton will be born. They were to be at the hospital this morning at 8 and the procedure is to be at 10 am this morning. D.J. said Angela would probably get to her room around 1 pm. Blessings to all the grandparents, aunts, and uncles! They all were pretty excited when I talked and prayed with them last night.

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A couple of things

Vickie and I will be leaving on the 19th heading to Pastor’s School and a couple of days off. We will be returning on the 26th. My phone will be off during classes and worship services and phone reception at Shellman’s sometimes is non-existent in case you try and reach me. Remember Youth Sunday is this Sunday and the kids and Chad have been working hard getting ready.

I received a call yesterday warning us about a homeless man who has been a problem in the area and can be aggressive. He was at the church late yesterday afternoon. The church was left unlocked by someone on Thursday with the door left partially open. Please be good stewards of God’s building and turn the lights off and lock the doors when you leave. I would recommend locking the doors when you are there alone for your safety.

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