Feed a Family for 5 days for $5!

Thought I would pass this along. Cannot beat this opportunity for your money!

Feeding familiBank of North Georgia Partners with Action Ministries to support ‘Feed the Hungry’
The Bank of North Georgia has announced it will partner with Action Ministries for the second year to support the Feed the Hungry Food Box program. From now through November 7, customers and supporters can visit any of the 41 Bank of North Georgia locations and donate $5 for a food box that will feed a family for up to five days. Last year, the donation program at Bank of North Georgia raised $28,000 to sponsor nearly 6,000 food boxes. Those food boxes provided about 100,000 meals to hungry families across North Georgia.
Text FOODBOX to 41444 to make a $5 donation

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This and That

Saturday, October 25th
Just a reminder that Trunk or Treat is this weekend at 4:00 pm at church. Decorate your trunks and fill them with candy.
Chili Cook Off is at 5:00 pm. Bring your best chili to share in the chili cook off contest.
We will go to the corn maze after the chili cook off probably @ 6 pm.

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Acts of God Message 3 10/19/2014

Genesis 39
. A. We often make light of temptation, but sin is lethal and vigilance is imperative.
a. “The way of the unfaithful is hard” (Proverbs 13:15)
b. “The soul who sins is the one who will die” (Ezekiel 18:20).
c. Jesus said, “Unless you repent, you too shall perish”
1. We are involved in a critical spiritual battle with eternal consequences.
a. Jesus said, “Do not fear the one who can destroy your body; fear the one who can destroy your body and soul in hell” (That is God).
2. Our adversary is intensifying his attack and we are experiencing many casualties on our side.
3. We are all vulnerable and need to fortify ourselves against future attacks.
B. In Genesis 39, Joseph encounters encountered sexual temptation, so that will be the primary focus of this message. But hopefully it’s hoped that the lessons learned here will assist us in countering Satan’s attacks from any angle.
I. Joseph’s Temptation
A. Joseph worked hard and, in time, became Potiphar’s right-hand man (Genesis 39:1-–5).
B. Joseph was handsome and became the focus of Potiphar’s wife (Gen. 39:vv. 6-–10).
C. Warning! It’s dangerous when two people of the opposite sex spend a lot of time alone.
II. Joseph’s Response
A. Joseph gave Potiphar’s wife two reasons for refusal:
1. His loyalty to Potiphar
2. His loyalty to God
B. When Potiphar’s wife persisted, Joseph:
1. Tried to avoid the tempt
a. “No one ever jumps into hell. They just fool around the edge and fall in.”
2. Thought of someone other than himself
a. The Bible encourages us to, “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit.”
3. Remembered God
4. Ran from the temptation
a. The Bible repeatedly reminds us to, “flee from sexual immorality” (1 Corinthians 6:18).
Illustration: A reporter asked an African safari guide, “Is it true that ferocious jungle animals won’t animals won’t harm you if you carry a torch? The jungle guide said, “That depends on how fast you carry it.”
5. Must have planned in advance how he would react if pressured
III. Joseph’s injustice
A. Falsely accused by Potiphar’s wife (Genesis. 39: 13-–19)
B. Unjustly imprisoned by Potiphar (Gen. 39:vv. 20-–23)
C. Was a model prisoner instead of becoming bitter Joseph was a model prisoner (v. 23)

Four lessons that encourage us to be faithful when tempted.
1A. God’s standards are permanent even in Egypt.
2B. Temptation is normal even for the Godly.
3C. Victory is possible but only for the determined.
4D. The rewards for faithfulness are enormous but not immediate.

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Prayer Request 10/21/2014

Please keep Lauren and Tessa Adamson in your prayers. They have had upset stomachs and now have the croup. Please pray for their wellness and that Sara stays healthy to take care of them.

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Board Reports

If you have an Administrative Council Report send it to me by Monday afternoon and we will be glad to make copies of your report for the meeting.


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Prayer Request 10/16/2014

Please keep Sherrie Harris in your prayers. He father passed away over the weekend.

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Prayer Request 10/15/2014

Karen Bitler sent the two following requests for prayer:

Please continue to pray for my brother, Wayne. He had fluid from his stomach and his spleen drained yesterday along with a blood transfusion. They are doing blood and other analysis to determine if there are cancer cells. Karen

My friend’s husband, Paul, has been laid off for the second time within a year. It is so difficult on him as he has never lost a job in his entire career until this year and to lose 2 jobs (through no fault of his own) in one year is a blow to anyone’s ego. He is 64 and cannot draw SS until he is 66 without large penalties. They need our prayers and blessings. – Karen

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