Board Reports

If you have an Administrative Council Report send it to me by Monday afternoon and we will be glad to make copies of your report for the meeting.


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Prayer Request 10/16/2014

Please keep Sherrie Harris in your prayers. He father passed away over the weekend.

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Prayer Request 10/15/2014

Karen Bitler sent the two following requests for prayer:

Please continue to pray for my brother, Wayne. He had fluid from his stomach and his spleen drained yesterday along with a blood transfusion. They are doing blood and other analysis to determine if there are cancer cells. Karen

My friend’s husband, Paul, has been laid off for the second time within a year. It is so difficult on him as he has never lost a job in his entire career until this year and to lose 2 jobs (through no fault of his own) in one year is a blow to anyone’s ego. He is 64 and cannot draw SS until he is 66 without large penalties. They need our prayers and blessings. – Karen

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Acts of God message 2 Outline

I strayed off the main points some on Sunday so a couple of points may sound new. I hope this helps you all. Several said last week it was helpful to them.

MESSAGE 2 “Acts of God” Sermon Series
Genesis 37
A. It’s difficult to maintain faith in God if you grow up in a dysfunctional
B. Joseph grew up in a dysfunctional family and yet remained faithful
to God.
I. The signs of stress in Joseph’s family
A. “A young man of seventeen””
B. “His father’s two wives” (Remember that Jacob’s wives were sisters: Leah and Rachel).
C. “Israel loved Joseph more than any of his other sons”
D. “When his brothers saw that their father loved him (Joseph) more than
any of them, they hated him.”
E. “Jacob lived in the land where his father had stayed”
F. “Rachel died” (This created more stress in the family dealing with the loss of Rachel, Isaac, and Joseph being the favorite).
II. An indication of egotism in Joseph’s character
A. He related his dreams of impending superiority over his brothers. (Them bowing down to Joseph angered them over Joseph’s dream about the sheaves).
B. If God gives you a favored status, be humble. Don’t flaunt it!
III. An example of spiritual blindness in Joseph’s father
A. Jacob seemed oblivious to his older son’s’ potential for evil.
B. A warning to parents: don’t be naïve about the evil nature in your
IV. An incident of horrid betrayal in Joseph’s biography
A. The brother’s plotted to kill Joseph.
B. God intervened to spare Joseph’s life: – “It just so happened” that
Ishmaelite traders came by. (Also remember the illustration of the New York cop and stopping the traffic so the mother cat could cross the road with her kittens. God intervenes for us so that God’s ultimate will can take place in our lives.
C. Joseph is was taken to Egypt and auctioned as a slave; – what a terrifying
Lesson for today: It’s difficult to grow up in a dysfunctional family and be
faithful to God…—but it’s possible!

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Capp Arrangements

Robbin Smith called and said the graveside services for her brother will be on Friday, October 17th at 12:30 pm at the Georgia National Cemetery in Canton, GA..there will be a 20 minute service and then the military will perform a service.

In lieu of flowers, the family has asked that persons make donations to Flannigan Funeral Home in Buford in memory of Tom Capps to help pay funeral costs. The church is sending the usual benevolence allowance for flowers to Flannigan’s to help pay the funeral cost.

Keep this family in your prayers.

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This and That

On a brighter note, yesterday, the new lights were installed down stairs! Larry Davis, Pearl Dais’ son, donated 55 lights to replace the old ones. We were having trouble getting ballast to fix them since these lights are probably 30 or 40 years old.

Another person,who has asked me not to give their name, hired an electrical company and paid all the costs to put the lights in at no charge to the church. Mr. Wes Crawford installed two lights a week ago. We now have 50 new lights in the fellowship hall, kitchen, youth room, room at he bottom of the steps, two closets, my office and the music room. All lights are now modern and up to date.

Cindy Green has volunteered to help me with some of my administrative jobs in the church a couple of times a week to free up my time for more ministry. She will have surgery on November 5th and will be out of action for a while until her knee heals. She will be making a directory so she will be asking for your info soon.

Remember Mule Camp is going on this week. They always can use some extra help with BBQ booth! Call Ray or Trish for more info.

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Prayer Request 10/08/2014

Please keep Billy Sudderth, Jane Smith’s father, in your prayers. He fell and broke his hip and had surgery today at NE GA.

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