Acts of God Studt

The Sermon series, “Acts of God” will begin on Sunday, October 5th! This will be a seven week study of why God allows things to happen and will focus on the life of Joseph in Genesis.

There will be a group meeting on Sunday morning during Sunday School and the youth will be doing the study as well. If you would be interested in an evening group let me know a day and time.

You will need a devotional journal for this journey. The cost will be @$10 with shipping. Let me know if you desire a book and I will order it for you. The deadline for me to order you a book is Sunday, September 28th!!!

The movie was awesome and I believe the series will exciting as well.

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A few things to know and remember

The chairs of the committees are working me hard. What a nice problem to have!!

There will be a PPR Committee meeting after church on Sunday to finish evaluations and set the pastors salary packages to be sent to finance and administration council for charge conference. Remember to bring all your packets completed to the meeting.

The Trustees will meet after church to discuss a plan of installation for the 43 new lights for downstairs which were donated to the church and are being shipped to the church.

Sara has asked last week for a Relay for Life meeting after church on the 28th. They will meet in the conference room.

Worship has some cool changes coming to try and enhance your worship experience at Bethlehem. I think the new sermon series “Acts of God” will be exciting and meaningful for the congregation!

These are just a few of the things going on at Bethlehem!!!! Watch the bulletin and church calendar carefully in the coming days and months. To find the church calendar go to: bethlehemumcbuford .org then click on “calendar” link. Or check the one Rachel is keeping on the bulletin board at church.

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Prayer Request

Comment: I talked with my brother last night and he is not recovering as well as he was letting on. He tried to get the doctor to admit him to the hospital yesterday and the nurse said that he will have the doctor return his call, which never happened. Please pray for him. Karen Bitler

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A reminder and thank you.

A reminder, I will be gone Thursday until late Sunday helping lead a spiritual retreat. I may not get my messages until late each night. Carolyn will be preaching on Sunday morning. Thank you to Ray for filling in for me this Saturday at Willow Wood in my absence. Thanks to the outstanding job of the Lay Leadership Committee last night in responding to God’s call on their lives in praying and nominating leaders for next year and 2017. All but two members participated in last night’s process; the highest number in my 13 years. The PPR has had at least 8 of the 9 there for their numerous meetings this year and the Trustees have had at least 8 of the 9 members at their meetings thus far. The Administrative Council has averaged 8 of 11 for their meetings this year. This is a direct result of the Lay Leadership Committee’s prayers and selection and the faithfulness of those chosen to serve. I pray 2015 committee attendance will be as high or higher as this year’s.
Thank you and Blessings,

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Prayer Request

Karen Bitler requested prayer:
Comment: My friend, Jodi, is requesting prayers for her husband and family who has lukemia. There is a PET scan in the morning and then a blood count with the oncologist tomorrow. Please pray for good reports for him as this will determine if he is a candidate for treatment at Northside Hospital. God Bless you all. Karen

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Prayer Update

Karen Bitler sent this:
Comment: My brother, Wayne, is on the recovery side for his kidney malfunction, enlarged liver, enlarged spleen and fluid on his stomach. Prayer is an awesome miracle worker. Wayne and all my family send their thanks to you all for the blessings and prayers. We are continuing to pray for the doctors to find the cause. Karen

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A reminder

Just a reminder of the covered dish after church tomorrow and the corn hole tournament. There will be activities for the children and bible bingo for those who want to stay but do not want to participate in the tournament. Wes Crawford build the boards to be given as prizes and Don Bolt painted them.

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